About the Westmorland Chamber

A Letter From The President: 

The purpose of a Chamber of Commerce is to promote the local business community. Some ways this is achieved is through advertising, events, networking opportunities as well as a forum and place of knowledge to seek local business development support. We would like to apologize to our current and past members if our outreach over the years has fallen short of your expectations in being a part of a Chamber. Recently, The Westmorland Chamber of Commerce has had a change in leadership. We are excited to be turning a new leaf with a new Board of Directors, outstanding community committee volunteers and BIG ideas for generating revenue and a fresh BUZZZ in Westmorland, CA. Our leadership team is solely volunteers so while we welcome your comments and ideas we ask that you be patient and positive in the process as we work hard to redevelop The Westmorland Chamber.  Our Chamber members will be part of THE HIVE, a community of business' excited about supporting each other and the community. Our Hive members will receive a monthly newsletter sharing new business initiatives, savings programs, local events and networking opportunities.  Our membership prices are very low and will be kept that way through 2018 as we rebuild our organization and your trust in the value we can offer. 

                                                We would greatly appreciate your support in joining

                                                          The Westmorland Chamber of Commerce

                                                              and becoming a member of our Hive!


                                   Bari Smith



Quality is the best business plan. - John Lasseter

Our Mission

“To preserve, model and advance business vitality and prosperity to our members and the community.”


Our Vision

“To be acknowledged and respected as a diverse Chamber of Commerce in business leadership, advocacy and value to members.”

Accepting New Members!