Festival Awards

This year's 2018 Honey Festival Winners:

Winner: Brent Ashurst

2018 Imperial Valley

Bee Keeper of the Year Award

While in past years The Westmorland Chamber has selected a Bee Keeper of the Year, this year we are excited to have the community choose the award winner. Nominations can be made for any individual who is involved in the Bee Community in The Imperial Valley. Previous award winners can be nominated.  


John Allen

Brent Ashurst

David Ford

Victor Sanchez

Winner: Michael Ginnis

Westmorland Community

 Inspired Busy Bee Award

This award is new to The 2018 Honey Festival. We look forward to recognizing Busy Bee's who make a difference in Westmorland. While the individual may reside in Westmorland, it is not a requirement to be nominated. Nominations should be made for individuals who make a positive impact on the community of Westmorland. ​​



Kenny Ashurst

Craig Ford

Evie Ford

Michael Ginnis

Richard Holiman

Perry Monita

Thank You to Everyone Who Nominated an Individual!

Voting Rules For Both Awards

  • Voting will be available online, in person at Westmorland City Hall as well as at the Nov. 7 City Hall meeting.

  • Voting closes Friday, November 9, 2018 at midnight. 

  • One vote per person.

  • The winner will be announced at The Honey Festival on November 17, 2018 at 11:45am. 

Voting Ends: