Thank You to Our 2018

Westmorland Chamber Members

Erma Miranda

Julie Monita

RJA Pollinating

Andrea Torres

Westmorland Hardware

Imperial Hay Sales

Bari Smith Consulting

Ashurst Apiaries

Ashurst Bee Co.

Ashurst Honey Co.

Chris Barajas

Ana Beltran

Style Dots - Darlene Berber-Felton

Justina Cruz

Michael Ginnis Plumbing

Maria Gutierrez

Cal Energy Operating Corp.

JCSD Farms, Inc.

Joseph Hayden

Steve & Tonya Dickerson

Spears Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Virginia Dickerson

Kathy Magana

Steve Dahm Ranches

Ruegger Farms LLC

Noble Butler

DOC Organics

Frank Lyall & Sons Inc.

Currier & Sons

Elmore Co.

Small Business Association

Desert Review

Westmorland Chamber

We are a group of volunteers, passionate about giving back to the community. We welcome new members and appreciate your support!


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