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[PORTABLE] Naqabat Book In Urdu Download Books


naqabat book in urdu download books

Jehan-e-Naqabat (naat-e-Khalifa) جہان نقابت (ناظُعِھہ) ‎- ‎جہان جیش عظم احترام و نقابت‎ by ‎Molana Umar-e-Qadri PDF ePub ePub Mobi Book Name:. Author:. Category: Religious. Year of Publication: 2000. Language: Urdu. ISBN:. Printer. Publisher:. For other editions see. Ministries: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Religious Affairs and International Relations. Published by: Amir ul Ommeen, Islamabad. Pages: 852. Na'ats are the style of recitation of the Quran, which is very important and is performed during the congregational prayer (Jum'ah). The Quran, with its over fourteen thousand verses, has many Na'ats. The word Na'at is a Qaari'at meaning a verse. Na'ats are either of five or seven lines which are usually similar to the verses of the Quran. Generally, only the five line naat are sung. Two or three (but not more than three) na'ats are taught in schools by reciting them to children. The Na'at is recited in the Masjid (in a particular order). The size of the naat and the place of the Naat in the Qur'an is important. The Quran has six naats, and according to the verses that precede them, those six naats are considered to be amongst the most blessed and most sublime verses of the Quran. Similarly, the six longest verses of the Qur'an are all Naats. These six naats are Zikr-e-Zulmat (ذُکِرِ زُکُرٌ), Zikr-e-Khusravi (ذُکِرِ خُصُّرُویٌ), Zikr-e-Khutub (ذُکِرِ خُطْبُ), Zikr-e-Zumurrudin (ذُکِرِ

Full Edition Naqabat In Urdu Books Download Zip Ebook [epub]


[PORTABLE] Naqabat Book In Urdu Download Books

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